Welcome to the Wheel of Time Fan Track page at Dragon*Con (Aug 31 – Sep 3, 2012)*Atlanta, GA

DragonCon Logo2012 is an exciting year as we count down to the release of the final Wheel of Time novel, A Memory of Light, due to be published January 2013. Series co-author Brandon Sanderson will join us for speculation, theorizing, trivia contests, costuming and much, much more.  We’ll also be examining what the future of the franchise will look like, from possible movie deals, to graphic novel adaptions.  We’ll be hosting our ever popular Evening at the Winespring Inn party and handing out plenty of awards for our annual costume contest.  With the series finally coming to a conclusion, this will be the final year of a dedicated Robert Jordan track at Dragon*Con. However, as all good Wheel of Time fans know, this is not THE ending of WoT programming at Dragon*Con, just AN ending.

Our 2012 schedule is online! Hooray!